About Our Company

Families change and grow over the years and often families find their home no longer suits their needs as well as it once did. If you would like to adapt your existing home to suit your changing requirements or are looking to construct something entirely new, HW Barnwell’s team of experienced professionals specialise in home building, home additions and home renovations that meet the needs of modern living.

Established in 1922, HW Barnwell is a family-owned company, which brings three generations of construction experience to your project. Our award-winning homes and additions are designed and built to suit the way modern families live and our personalised and professional service ensures our clients’ new homes perfectly suit their families and their lifestyles.

We pride ourselves on the superiority of our work and listening to your needs. HW Barnwell ensures quality is maintained through the use of our own employed carpentry team rather than purely relying on subcontractors. We also concentrate on only a few projects at a time, so you are assured you will receive the best from us and our staff. Our team of builders can construct your new home or addition from architectural drawings or our experienced design staff can design your new home or addition for you.

Whether you want to adapt your existing home by extending it or renovating it to suit your changing needs or build an entirely new and unique home, HW Barnwell will turn your home ideas into a reality.

About Our Services

New Homes

HW Barnwell builds award-winning custom designed family homes and additions to suit your individual needs. We can build from plans designs supplied by your architect or we can help you to design your home, utilising the most up-to-date ideas for modern living. All our homes are individually designed and constructed to suit our clients’ particular requirements.


HW Barnwell can turn your current house into the home of your dreams through intelligent additions and extensions. We can increase the space in your home by extending the ground floor to provide extra living space, kitchen space or bathrooms; or we can add bedrooms and bathrooms with the addition of a complete first floor. Whatever your family’s need, we have the design solution you are looking for.


If your existing home isn’t serving your family the way you would like, HW Barnwell can help you with the daunting task of a major renovation. Our team of builders can shell your existing home and rebuild it completely, turning your house into a fresh, modern home your family will enjoy for many years to come.


If you like your neighbourhood and your block of land but would like to upgrade your home, HW Barnwell can build an entirely new home on your existing property. Our expert team will take down your current home and then build you an entirely new home; and you and your family can remain in familiar and comfortable surroundings.


Our designer team pride themselves on turning our clients’ visions of the perfect home into a reality. We know that every family and their needs are different. We take the time to listen to how you live and we work closely with you to ensure your new home has the specifications and features you desire. From extra high ceilings to ground floor bedrooms, whatever your family needs HW Barnwell will strive to design your perfect home.