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    On completion of the major renovation at Pymble, I felt an urge to put pen to paper and note some of our experiences before, during and after the project.

    Beginning with the design work you have carried out – we had dealings with a number of designers and architects prior to your involvement, and none could deliver a package we were satisfied with. Your design just works, making good use of the parts of the existing house we retained and adding a completely new dimension to it.

    Without a solid design, I know we would have never been happy with the result.

    Moving on to the construction phase, HW Barnwell (and sub-contractors) has never lost sight of the final objective – the project was delivered with quality, on the timeframe committed and within budgetary guidelines.

    A common thread we heard a number of times from people on the ground was – I am always happy to work with Ken, because he demands quality” – this shows very clearly in the result.

    All staff and sub-contractors involved were committed to the delivery of a superior result, and maintained a professional and courteous attitude during the entire project. They are (rightly so) very proud of what they do.

    When inevitable issues arose, they were never dismissed and were addressed to our satisfaction.

    Now that we have moved back in, friends who were familiar with the house prior to the renovation can only use one word to describe it – unbelievable!

    In all accounts, we are very satisfied with the result – and we know we will have years of enjoyment out of it. We are also acutely aware that if we had used a lesser organisation to carry out the work, the result would most likely have been a complete disaster.

    In finalising, I go back to the comments made by the reference clients supplied by HW Barnwell. The underlying theme was that – HW Barnwell” is a traditional building company, who delivers quality – Ken might not be the fastest or cheapest, but quality is assured. In my views, they were wrong in 2 of 3 accounts. Fortunately, the quality bit was correct (and I can’t see how the project could have been delivered faster or on a much lower budget!).

    Once again, thanks for everything and we wish you all success for the future of your business.

    The Scheidegger Family